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August 2021
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Welcome our August newsletter. Adelaide has come out of lockdown but other parts of the country are still in various stages of lockdown If you are still in lockdown and need assistance in getting setup to work from home of are having other issues please let me know. I'm now fully vaccinated against COVID and some of the other techs have had their first injection and the others are awaiting to qualify to get their jabs.

Windows 11 is coming at the end of the year, check out our blog article below for more information.

Some of you may have seen a familiar face with Paul joining us as a senior technician. Paul used to work for me approx 10 years ago before he made the move to Brisbane. Up in Brisbane he worked for a few IT providers and data centres. He is now back in Adelaide and has brought back a wealth of experience with servers, networking and cloud technology.

If you would like to catch up to discuss your IT needs or just for a chat, please let me know via phone (0412 973 503) or email (

David Perkovic -

Out and About

With lockdown's happening we haven't been out of the office too much but some highlights from July include:

  • Techs have been busy installing and configuring a large Ubiquiti Unifi wireless network at a location in the south of Adelaide.
  • David, Paul and Stefan virtually attended a presentation on Starlink. Starlink is one of Elon's Musk's companies and aims to provide fast internet speeds to most locations on earth. While it is only in its test stages in Australia it will be a game changer for our country clients and those with poor internet speeds.

In August, David will be visiting some country clients and staff will also be participating is some virtual security training sessions involving M365.


Setting up some Ubiquiti Unifi wireless access points, cloud controller and network switch before an onsite install.

A map showing the Starlink satellites over Australia. This is a live map and is accessible at
We were going to be installing and setting up a number of headsets for a film festival in Adelaide. Unfortunately the lock down came in and the event was cancelled.
Blog Articles

Check out our latest blog articles below. We also have more blog articles and eBooks available on our website at:

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Your Pocked Sized Security Threat

Mobile phones are everywhere and people use them to do business work. But what happens if the phone is compromised?

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3 Ways You Can Get Infected With Ransomware

There has been a lot in the news over the last few weeks about ransomware attacks. As the media can give people the wrong impression this blog article helps explain what it is and how they are spread.

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Windows 11 Is Coming Should You Upgrade?

Microsoft's next version of Windows is being rolled out later this year, and businesses  are now wondering if the upgrade is right for their needs. This article looks at the changes and helps you weigh up the pros and cons of upgrading.

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Our Partners - SA Technology Collective

DP Computing are part of the SA Technology Collective.

The SA Technology Collective are a small group of experienced professionals based in Adelaide, South Australia who have joined together to provide a total digital solution for business. We are passionate about supporting and enabling business owners to solve many of the challenges they face using digital technology in this rapidly evolving field.

If you are looking at improving your website or social media presence, contact David and we will put you in touch with one of our partners.

Stay tuned with our social media pages to see when our next networking event is.

We Love Referrals

The greatest gift anyone can give us is a referral to your business colleagues. Referrals help us keep costs down so we can pass the savings to our clients. I personally promise we will look after your colleagues business with a high level of care and attention (just like we do with all our clients).


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