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July 2021
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Hi *|FNAME|*,

Welcome our July newsletter. It was a big June for us so I apologise for getting this out a day late!

Most of Australia are in lockdown but fortunately here in Adelaide (and over in Victoria and Tasmania) things are still to a certain extent going along as "normal". If the worst does hit we can provider most services remotely and also help clients setup for a remote workforce. I've also just had my second Pfizer jab so am fully immunised against COVID. Other staff members will be vaccinated when they are eligible

The new financial year provides a great opportunity to take a step back and focus on your business plans. Many of us plan to take the time to do this but get distracted with other things. One of the big distractions is social media (and Iím guilty of this). But did you know there are apps that can help block you from your social media addiction? Cold Turkey, an app for MS Windows and MacOS, allows you to block social media (and any other distractions) for an amount of time dictated by you. And there are alternatives for your smart phones that do similar things. So if you are easily distracted it may pay to have a look at one of these programs.

In our main office we have installed an internet bonding service. This service combines a local router with some fancy cloud based SDWAN services to allow businesses to bond multiple internet links (NBN, fixed wireless, 4G / 5G) connections together. This service allows you to multiply your Internet speeds while providing redundancy and failover options with the same external IP being used across all connections. It is so good that 2 of my techs already have it installed at their homes! Please contact us for more information.

If you would like to catch up to discuss your IT needs or just for a chat, please let me know via phone (0412 973 503) or email (

David Perkovic -

Out and About

Some highlights from June include:

  • Dave F has been setting up a cable and wireless network with a 10G backbone at a new materials recovery facility in southern Adelaide. The network is spread out of 4 separate buildings with fibre between the buildings.
  • Stefan has been working hard for a client which has an old line of business system running virtually under Linux. He has worked out how to virtualise it and get it running on a Windows Server.
  • Bevin has been having loads of fun installing new VOIP phones at one client while removing VOIP phones from another (they are moving across to MS Teams calling)!
  • We have also been installing a lot of NAS's (network attached storage devices) from Synology that provide a cost effective way of backing up clients Microsoft 365 data and email.
  • David P has been doing some in person business networking and has joined up with Bx Networking. Let him know if you would like to come along and meet some other great business owners.

It was a hard hat and hi vis type of day, as David and Dave are approx 3 stories up setting up networks at a new construction site in southern Adelaide.

David receiving his welcome kit at Bx Networking.
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Our Partners - SA Technology Collective

DP Computing are part of the SA Technology Collective.

The SA Technology Collective are a small group of experienced professionals based in Adelaide, South Australia who have joined together to provide a total digital solution for business. We are passionate about supporting and enabling business owners to solve many of the challenges they face using digital technology in this rapidly evolving field.

If you are looking at improving your website or social media presence, contact David and we will put you in touch with one of our partners.

Stay tuned with our social media pages to see when our next networking event is.

We Love Referrals

The greatest gift anyone can give us is a referral to your business colleagues. Referrals help us keep costs down so we can pass the savings to our clients. I personally promise we will look after your colleagues business with a high level of care and attention (just like we do with all our clients).


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