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December 2020
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Welcome to our December newsletter.

Well just when you thought things couldn't get worse, the state of South Australia gets a lockdown all over a lie. Well at least we are backup up and running now but I hope you, your staff and your businesses are all ok.

Work for us has had its ups and downs this month due to the lock down but we are doing well. We even added another technician to out team, Osama Chohan. Osama holds a Bachelor in IT (Networking And Cybersecurity) from University of South Australia. He also has a lot of other certifications including Cisco, MS Certified Professional, MS Certified Trainer and MS M365 Security Administration.

With Osama's cybersecurity background and trainer certification we hope to be holding some seminars next year on SMB Cybersecurity and M365. If you would like to join us for this, or have any topic suggestions, please let me know ASAP so I can gauge interest and start planning.

If I don't see you, I hope December goes well and you have a great Christmas and New Year.

David Perkovic -

Security Tips

Security is one of the most important areas in IT. It is also one of the most overlooked areas, but if you lose all your data accidentally or in a hacking attack what would you do and how much money would it cost you?

This month we will talk about security audits.

Security Audits

Unlike actual physical security where an open window is easy to see, your cybersecurity weaknesses can be easily missed. You need to regular perform scans of your network and evaluate your security options - what once was state of the art a few years back may not be relevant or useful anymore.

Contact us at DP Computing to evaluate your security and check out our latest blog article:

Is Misconfiguration Making Your Business Vulnerable?

Out and About


Stefan about to visit some essential services clients during the lockdown.

Ben hard at work, up a scissor lift. replacing 1 of 24 wireless access
points for a client.
Tech Tips

People always forget to backup and / or regularly save the documents they are working on. Remember to do both and you won't have any heartache's if something goes awry!

We publish these tech tips each Tuesday morning to our social networks, so please join us on the following platforms:

Blog Articles

Check out our latest blog articles below. We also have more blog articles and eBooks available on our website at:

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3 Ways To Improve Your IT

As we head into Christmas and the New Year is just around the corner, are your IT systems due for an upgrade? Here are three key things you can do to improve your business’ IT and keep everything running smoothly in the years ahead.

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Have Your Passwords Been Compromised?

News of a big name company suffering a data breach is all too common these days. But what about the customers of these companies? Have all their customers’ details been compromised and if so what happens with those passwords?

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Why Upgrade Your Office Software?

Yes, it may have served you well over the past decade, but MS Office 2010 has reached its end of life back in October. Now it is time to upgrade. Our latest blog article shows you why and what to consider.

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Is Misconfiguration Making Your Business Vulnerable?

Reports of cybersecurity attacks on companies and government agencies are unfortunately too common these days. Millions of access credentials are breached and millions of dollars are lost to ransomware attack everyday. You may think you are protected, but even a single undetected misconfiguration could mean trouble and open to attack.

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Our Partners - SA Technology Collective

DP Computing are part of the SA Technology Collective.

The SA Technology Collective are a small group of experienced professionals based in Adelaide, South Australia who have joined together to provide a total digital solution for business. We are passionate about supporting and enabling business owners to solve many of the challenges they face using digital technology in this rapidly evolving field.

If you are after a new website or are looking at improving you digital marketing, contact David and we will put you in touch with one of our partners.

We Love Referrals

The greatest gift anyone can give us is a referral to your business colleagues. Referrals help us keep costs down so we can pass the savings to our clients. I personally promise we will look after your colleagues business with a high level of care and attention (just like we do with all our clients).


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