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April 2020
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Well, what a difference a month makes. The current events regarding coronavirus has affected everyone in different ways. We are busy transitioning businesses to enable their staff to work from home while other businesses are closing down and laying off staff. It is anyone's guess to how long this is going to go on for, which I think is the concern for most people. Now is the time for all of us to support those local businesses that are doing it tough and try and stay positive as much as we can.

In the world of IT, laptops, webcams and monitors are all in short supply. If you are in need of any of these items please let us know ASAP so we can try and source stock.

If you are looking at ways in which you can work from home, let me know as there are a few different options available to most businesses.

If you need any help or assistance let me know. Stay safe and catch you all next month.

David Perkovic -

COVID-19 Information

DP Computing is still providing both onsite and remote support to ensure our clients keep on operating. As a business we are continually monitoring the latest government updates regarding the caronavirus and taking all necessary precautions. We currently have a policy for technicians to follow and some of our technicians will be working from their homes. If anyone at your site has COVID-19 symptoms or has returned from interstate or overseas recently we will not be attending the site and instead will be offering remote support. If this causes any issues with clients, we apologise in advance.

We have been informed that due to the fact that a number of our clients are deemed as essential services we will still be offering onsite services and support even in the event of a full lockdown. Whether this means we can also attend other clients premises is not known at this stage.

Remote services can also be used where we do not even need to come into your office or business. Depending on you issue we may insist that we try and solve your issues remotely before we come onsite. If you prefer remote services also please let us know.

We can also help businesses with transitioning their staff to work from home. If you or your staff members would like to work remotely please let us know as we can help set this up.

Tech Tips

Just because we are in partial lockdown, doesn't mean the scammers are also on a break. Instead there are more scams out there than before.


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Blog Articles

Our blog articles this month revolve around the coranavirus and how you can stay safe and work from home. We also have more blog articles and eBooks available on our website at:

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eBooks -

Staying Focused Working from Home

Many of us are now being forced to work from home, which may or may not suit everyone. It can be challenging, especially when you have to adapt in the midst of all the other uncertainties that the coronavirus / COVID-19 has brought. Here are some strategies that can help you stay focused when working remotely.

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Setting Up Your Work from Home Environment

You have been told to stay put and work from home, but you may now be a bit confused as you look around your home. You have never set up a home office before and are thinking, “Hmm, work where?”.

Here are some tips on getting you organised to go online and get things done remotely.


Essentials for Empowering Remote Work

The coronavirus or COVID-19 is forcing many businesses to embrace working from home. The technology needed to enable people to work from home has existed for years, but working from home may be new for you and your employees.

Check out our blog article to see some essentials you need to address to empower your remote workers

Isolate Yourself from the Coronavirus Scams!

Scammers jump on any of the latest happenings in the world and are always looking for opportunities, and at the moment they are targeting the coronavirus (aka COVID-19). This article outlines what you need to watch out for and how to stay cyber safe.

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Is Your Business Ready for the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus (which is now being called COVID-19) is spreading and we will be feeling the effects for a while. As such, businesses should start to make preparations on how to handle things. Your first priority should be for the health of your employees and customers. Then you need to consider business continuity and prepare for mobile or remote working capabilities for you and your staff.

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Our Partners - SA Technology Collective

DP Computing are part of the SA Technology Collective.

The SA Technology Collective are a small group of experienced professionals based in Adelaide, South Australia who have joined together to provide a total digital solution for business. We are passionate about supporting and enabling business owners to solve many of the challenges they face using digital technology in this rapidly evolving field.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the dates and times of our next social drinks event.

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