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February 2019

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Hi *|FNAME|*,

I can't believe it is now February, it only feels like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and the New Year.

During January our techs have been busy with Dave Fairbairn brushing up on his wireless knowledge and passing the Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Administration course and Stefan passing the exam for the Cisco CCT - Routing and Networking certification. Well done to you both!

We have a great "non technical" tip below on how to help your local small business owners.

As always below we have some great blog articles below on how to improve your IT.

Next Tuesday 5/2 is Safer Internet Day, please see below for detail on what it is and how you can be involved. We will also be posting details on our social media forums so please check it out.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to catch up for a coffee or a lunch (my shout!) please let me know.

David Perkovic - david@dpcomputing.com.au

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday, 5 February 2019, we are celebrating Safer Internet Day! Safer Internet Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the safe and positive use of digital
technology, and to explore the role we can all play in creating a better and safer internet in our community.

Coordinated by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner in Australia and celebrated in over 130 countries, this year’s Safer Internet Day theme is: ‘Together for a better internet’. We are encouraging all Australians to collaborate with their communities and support each other in developing the critical skills required to successfully navigate the online world. These skills take time to develop but they can help us in all areas of life — online and off. We like to call them the 4Rs…

I treat myself and others the way I like to be treated
I am accountable for my actions and I take a stand when I feel something is wrong
I question what is real
I get back up from tough situations

DP Computing is supporting Safer Internet Day and we encourage you to join in!
Help spread the word and raise awareness about the importance of a safer and more positive internet — you can participate in, run your own Safer Internet Day activity or simply start a conversation in your community about the 4Rs and how you can come ‘Together for a better internet’.

To see what others are doing to promote Safer Internet Day or to find out how you can get involved, visit esafety.gov.au/saferinternetday

Out and About in January

As to be expected January has been a bit quieter than other times of the year but we still have managed to visit a few interesting sites.

Visiting a winery in McLaren Vale and enjoying the views.
Dave F receiving his Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin certificate.
Check out our Facebook page for more photos - www.facebook.com/dpcomputing
Quick Tip

Here are 2 great ways to help support local businesses without spending a dime:

  1. Like them on social media and then share and / or comment on their posts. A lot of social media sites work by the more engagement they receive (ie likes and comments) the more people they will extend the reach of that post too.
  2. Post a review. If you have dealt with the business previously and like what they do then leave a positive review on Google or Facebook. What you write doesn't have to be too long and I'm sure that the business owner will be grateful for any positive review.

Now for a shameless self promotion - if you have a spare minute please leave us a review on either Facebook or Google - click here for details on how to leave a review.

For the first few people who leave a review I will give you a free DPC prize pack consiting of a copy of Malwarebytes Premium Antimalware with 12 months subscription and some DP Computing branded gear (pens and torches)!

Blog Articles

We have a variety of great articles for you to learn from this month. Check them out below. Remember that we have more blog articles and eBooks available on our website at:

Blog - http://dpcomputing.com.au/blog/

eBook - http://dpcomputing.com.au/blog/category/ebook/

Don't Be Hooked By Spear Phishing Attacks


Phishing attacks are designed to steal your credentials and a variant (called spear phishing) are an even more targeted and dangerous problem.

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Invest In Your IT Security, Before It Is Too Late

The rule “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is common for many business owners. It can serve to protect your business against unnecessary costs and unneeded downtime. While protecting your business against many types of danger, it poses a large threat when it comes to your IT security.

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Serious Businesses Deserve A Professional IT Setup

It can be tempting to pick a simple IT solution off the shelf from the nearest retailer but a smart owner or manager should give careful consideration to how it sources and then configures its hardware and software.

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Is Your Actual Physical Security as Good As Your Cybersecurity?

Unfortunately physical break ins to offices are a regular occurrence in some areas. Despite the risks though some business owners fail to protect their IT assets from being stolen.

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Speed Up Your Old Computer with a New and Fast SSD

Swapping your current HDD for a super quick SSD is a simple and effective upgrade to breath new life into your computer or laptop.

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Our Partners

Need to refresh your website?

Confused about Social Media?

Need info on what the NBN is?

Remember that we have partnered with a two other complimentary technology businesses to form the SA Technology Collective.

If you need a new website, help with your social media, are looking to upgrade your mobile phones or confused about the NBN let me know or check out our website at www.satechnology.com.au.

That is all for this month. Feel free to forward this email to your staff and colleagues and remember to drop us a like (and a review) on social media (see links below) - we may even drop you off a special gift for the review!

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