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August 2018
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Welcome to our August newsletter.

Please make Daniel Hu welcome if you see him on one of our visits to you. Daniel is with us for a work placement trial for 6 weeks.

A reminder to keep security at the top of mind as the bad guys are always coming up with new malware and techniques on compromising networks and computers. Check out our PDF on the Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online - share it amongst your employees and associates.

Thank you all for the feedback regarding the newsletters - it is much appreciated.

David -

Out and About in July

First off this month is some photos not from one of our visits to clients but from a computer that was sent to us from one of our country clients. The second lot of photos is where we are installing and maintaining the digital signage solutions for a large retail client.

We recently had this PC come into our workshop - bugs and all.
Remember to regularly get your computers cleaned out!

Daniel and Stefan setting up some digital signage machines
Blog Articles
We have a variety of great articles for you to learn from this month. Check them out below:
Think Before Clicking - 5 Red Flags of Phising Emails

Just one click can be the difference between maintaining computer security and suffering massive financial losses. All it takes is just one employee to click on a link in an email for your business to be vulnerable.

Check out these tips to help you and your staff from getting infected.

Read more ...

 How to Securely Dispose of Your Old Computers

Getting new computers for your business is exciting, but what do you do with the old ones? Sometimes they may get handed down to another staff member, re-purposed for another function, sold or even thrown out.

Before you throw them out or give them to someone else have you thought about what will happen to all your old data?

Read more ...

Revive Your Slow Computer with an Superfast SSD

One day you are using the computer fine, the next day it is so slow and booting takes so long you not only have time to make a cup of coffee, you could have walked to the local café for the good stuff!

Check out our blog article on a quick way to upgrae the speed of your computer.

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 4 Ways to Avoid IT Downtime

Technology is a wonderful thing, but what happens when the IT stops working? In today’s world IT is a necessity. Unfortunately, this means when downtime inevitably hits, you have a BIG problem.

Read more on how to help prevent downtime.

The Best Way to Purchase New Computer Systems

You have decided to buy a new computer for your business or perhaps even a whole set of new computers.

Most people pop down to their local retail store but this scenario almost always ends up with your business having the wrong computer.

Here’s why, and what you should do instead.

Our Partners

Remember that we have partnered with a few other complimentary technology businesses to form the SA Technology Collective. If you need a new website, help with your social media, are looking to upgrade your mobile phones or confused about the NBN let me know or check out our website at

Thats all for this month. I hope you all have a great August, feel free to forward this email to your staff and collegues and remember to drop us a like (and a review) on social media (see links below) - we may even drop you off a special gift for the review! If you have any questions please let me know.


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