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July 2018
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Hi *|FNAME|*,

Welcome to the new financial year. I can't believe we are now in July as the year so far has seemed to have flown by!

If you have any ideas for future topics or have written an article you think would benefit others please let me know.

Hope you enjoy the newsletter and have a great July.

David -

Out and About in June

With the end of the financial year we have been selling, upgrading and installing quite a few new computer systems - both PC and Macs.

Here we are setting up some new iMacs in the workroom.
Blog Articles
We have a variety of great articles for you to read and learn from this month. Check them out below:
What Is That Weird Noise Coming From The Computer?

New computers are generally quiet, but after a while computers can start making some weird noises. These noises may be simple clicks, clunks or like a jet aircraft. But when should you worry?

These noises can tell you a lot about its current health. Read more ...

How to Get the Right Tech for Your New Business

In business costs can easily escalate quickly and tech is often one of the bigger expenses. Just the sheer number of technologies available can overwhelm and confuse you. The latest tech has amazing features you didn’t know you needed, and suddenly your budget has gone skywards!

So how do you get the tech right for your business? Read more ...

6 Reasons to Migrate Your Applications to the Cloud

When cloud applications were first released, nobody really understood what the cloud was or how it could help their business, but as the technology improved, so did the secure and flexible solutions available.

But has your business embraced the cloud yet and if not what are the benefits? Read more ...

5 Tech Travel Tips You Can Use

Are you off on a business or personal trip soon? This can also mean making sure your tech is packed and ready for the adventure. Smartphones, eBook readers, tablets, laptops and smart watches are now so light and portable that you’d never think of leaving them behind, plus they can value to your trip.

Click here are a few things to consider before you head off.

Is It Time To Retire Those Old Legacy Applications? Here Is How To Tell For Sure
You have likely been using the same applications for some time in your business. While you have been replacing computers and devices regularly to maintain your competitive advantage, the standard software installation have largely remained the same. The programs do the job perfectly and everyone knows how to use them, so what is the point of upgrading? Continue Reading…
Our Partners

Remember that we have partnered with a few other complimentary technology businesses to form the SA Technology Collective. If you need a new website, help with your social media, are looking to upgrade your mobile phones or confused about the NBN let me know or check out our website at

Thats all for this months newsletter. I hope you all have a great July, feel free to forward this email to your staff and collegues and remember to drop us a like (and a review) on social media (see links below). If you have any questions please let me know.

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