Tech Update
 May 2017

Welcome to our May Newsletter / Tech Update. Well April was a busy month with work all across Adelaide and even out on the Nullarbor Plain. Some highlights include:

  • David and our partners at Cabletecs heading out to see a client on the Nullarbour. The trip out to the Nullarbor even made it onto the back page of the Sunday Mail.
  • Joel driving up to Balaklava to see a finance clients.
  • Jai and David working on a high end Cisco Telepresence system in the Adelaide CBD.
  • At the end the month some bugs (literally) took another client off the Internet on ANZAC Day.

Some photos of these "adventures" are included below.

As mentioned above Joel Harvey has now officially joined out team of technicians. He is a fully qualified Lenovo technician and is supporting a couple of our finance clients. So if you see him onsite give him a big hello and make him feel welcome.

This months are articles are:

David Perkovic

Some photos from our travels in April

The Sunday Mail article on our trip out west. We provide IT support to a couple of roadhouses on the Nullarbor Plain. A few weeks back we visited one of the roadhouses to fix an Internet and a cabling issue. A traveller with a Lamborghini was also staying overnight at the site and we were lucky to be able to have a ride in the car the next day.

Contact us if you want to see a copy of the original article or more photos of the Lamborghini.

David and Jai were tasked to assist a client fix an issue with their Cisco Telepresence IX5000 system.

This is currently the worlds most immersive collaboration system and consists of 3 massive 70" screens, three 4K ultra high definition cameras and 18 custom speakers.

The term computer bug comes from an actual moth causing problems in a "computer" in 1945.

On ANZAC Day 2017 bugs caused a router to go down and a client to be without Internet until we replaced the unit.